Sunday, June 11, 2017

New Man Cave Construction Project - Doing it Ourselves

Hubby and I are weekend DIY'ers. We choose to DIY on everything we can to save money. Hubby has the talent, plus he needs something to do. Here are our first efforts at our new man cave.

We finally settled on a 40 x 40 slab. The Cave will be 30 ft across and 40 ft deep.  Cave runs East/West. There will be a 10 ft overhang on the north side.

For informational purposes, the total cost of  the concrete in Oklahoma for this project was $12,600.00. This includes the 40 x 40 slab and 920 sf of flat work which is the approach that was poured connecting our driveway to the man cave slab.

First section of back wall - East side of cave

Full wall complete

Making some progress

One window, east wall

Got two more windows and a door In - Hubby praying for a break

An example of how the 2 x 4's are attached to the concrete.
Notice we have plumbing as well!
Up With the Trusses and Braced. It took 5 good men on a
Memorial Day about 4 hours to complete adding the trusses.

Makings of a bathroom

Latest Completion June 11, 2017, OSB going up!

Weekend of 06/17/2017, got the top ends enclosed. Next week will work on decking the roof:

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