Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Saturday Before Vacation Project - New Dry Creek Bed April 29th,2017

When we moved into our house, there was a deep ditch or creek at the back of the property on the east side that wrapped around all the way to the south side of our property. We were told several things by several people. That this was a creek that had dried up, that it was made by kids riding their dirt bikes and that it was a hollowed out ditch so that people could burn their trash. I suspect all the above. As we have cleaned the property and dug into the earth, here are some interesting finds that now rest upon hubby's shelf in our study. Notice the old Coke bottle in the back? I suspect the blue jars may be Vick's Vapor Rub??

As of today, this is what that ditch became. Now to add more plantings and then it will be complete.

The concrete that will later become our shop in the second photo, now covers the other half of the creek.

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