Sunday, September 13, 2015

South Side of Acre - Beer Drinking and Sitting Area

This is an area on the south side of our house. We bought the house and one acre. The whole area around the house was covered in poison ivy, oak, sumac, much brush and many trees. This took a lot of hard work over one year time to remove all the ivy and brush. Much snipping, poisoning, tilling and 30-40 bags of cypress mulch . One year later and several bad cases of poison ivy we have:

Azaleas, lavender, garden mums, variegated privits, barberry, gardenia, ferns, red salvia, ajuga, elephant ears, purple queen, iris, hibiscus and beauty berry. Also a fire pit, wood pile, chairs and benches. This is our favorite area and many of our neighbors have stopped to admire. Even better that we did all the work ourselves!

Before (Ugh):


Work in Process:


Today, Summer 2016:

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