Saturday, October 14, 2017

How to Hang a Cowhide Rug

I used a large dowel which I stained beforehand. The dowel is held in place by two double horseshoe hangers. Topped off with the hubby's previous successful deer kills.

If you don't want the back of the hide to show, I previously used small binder clips to fold and tuck the  hide behind the front of the hide. I decided to let it all hang out this time.

Stacked Stone Mantel Decorated for Fall

Must not forget the Jesse James whiskey bottle decor!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Weekend DIY - Rustic Wood Coffee Table Centerpiece

A friend gave us several wood pieces that he had just laying around his woodworking shop. They've been sitting around our place for several months now. I decided last weekend to do something with them.

I lightly sanded the flat surface with my Mouse sander working with the grain, cleaned up the edges with some light grit sand paper then used a small air compressor to blow off all the dust.

I then used Rust-Oleum Zinsser Shellac to complete.

Finished product on my coffee table and in my bedroom. I did not spend a lot of time on these but they will do for now.

Bedroom Dresser:

This is another that is on top of my dining room table:

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Growing Avocado from the Pit - An Accident

What a wonderful surprise this was. Hubby stated it was time to turn the composting pile but before he started I wanted to pull a long stem sticking up out of the bin. I reached in to grab it without thinking and pulled this out. I would never have known or believed what it was had the seed not still been attached.

That day as I threw it in the compost pile, I do remember telling myself after I made guacamole "I sure wish I would see this grow"! I tried  really hard to grow the other seed that day in my window sill without success. It grew a root but never developed the top like this one did.

I quickly threw some compost in a 5-gallon bucket and it lived.

It still lives today and has gotten a little bigger. Can't wait to see if I can grow avocados from it.

In-ground Storm Cellar Decorating Idea

We had our storm cellar put in around Summer of 2016. I'm Choctaw, so we got it for free! We tried to spruce it up using layers of retaining blocks but it still didn't look right. The rains would come and just wash the sand and soil over the blocks and we were constantly having to sweep off the block. Sand is not easy to clean off after it rains.

So this Summer we decided to add some better soil and use metal landscaping edging to add two planting layers around the cellar. We dug around the circumference of the cellar and installed the edging.

It looks much better and easier to maintain.

Before, sad, lifeless and just plain ugly if we're being honest:

After photos:

How I Grow My Lawn with Other People's Grass

We live in a neighborhood full of retirees who are very particular about their gardens. There are a few though who are in bad health and simply cannot take care of their lawns the way they want to. Sometimes in the evening, when I think about it, I will walk over to a couple of houses and pull St. Augustine runners out of the road where it seems to like to grow. I take it home and soak it in water for a few days and then replant it in my lawn when I have time. It does well here in our soil which is mostly sand and surprisingly it really likes the shade of our oaks.

St. Augustine growing into the gravel road in our neighborhood:

These are photos showing newly planted runners in a bare area next to our storm cellar, water, water, water:

Here are some runners we planted last year. As you can see, they are taking off and filling in the bare spots. In another year or two we should have a full lawn in this area.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Update on the New Man Cave as of September 17, 2017

We now have a composite shingle roof, roof trim, four windows and a steel side door. With the addition of two overhead doors, we will then be in the dry. It's all slow but sure when you DIY it and you have a regular 9-5 too.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

One of My Favorite Past Projects - Acid Stained Concrete

Back at our old house, which is now a rental unit, we opted out of carpeting in favor of something more simple. Here is the end result of our efforts. I love this look.

The products we used on this floor were Kemiko Acid Stain in Cola color and Minwax Polyurethane Sealer. This Cola stain looks very similar to the Kemiko brand.

Unfortunately we had to evict a tenant due to water damage she caused which ruined our laminate wood flooring on opposite ends of the house. How in the world do you do that???? You can bet, that laminate will be ripped up and replaced with acid stained concrete.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Why Perimenopause Rips a Big One - My Current Life

My personal synopsis of why Perimenopause Rips a Big One!

I wanted to put this out there because no one ever talks about this crap. Had someone mentioned how terrible this could be, I might have been better prepared and would have been less anxious about what was happening. I've done a lot of Googling and visited with my long-time Gyno a few times about this issue. I have been assured by him, and I do trust him by the way, there is nothing abnormal such as fibroids, cancer, structural issues, endometriosis, etc... This has all checked out. For this reason I am playing the waiting game to see if I can actually go into menopause naturally or hang up my hat and cave to the seemingly impending hysterectomy.

Let me start by saying I am 50 years old and have had perimenopausal symptoms for several years now. I could deal better with the issues that are occurring when I was a few years younger. However, things started to take a drastic turn when I was 48 years old. I had three jacked up menstrual cycles several months apart. In November 2015, I had a period that lasted 6 weeks straight, no relenting. Then it was somewhat back to normal except I skipped a month somewhere between November 2015 and May 2016. In May 2016, I had a 4 week straight period and then back to normal again except again skipping a whole month until the doozy finally hit on November 8th, 2016. The hubster and I were dining at a favorite restaurant. As we were waiting on the check, I felt it. I needed to leave in a hurry and tied my jacket around my waist as I was hurrying out. Hubby stayed behind and paid the bill while I waited in the truck. This began the decent into HELL.

Here are the symptoms that I have noticed that often fail to get mentioned due to embarrassment or TMI.

1. Large amount of blood loss, my #1 complaint. This makes it really hard to plan anything, or to have sex. There are times when I have been afraid to go to work or have been at work or out eating and had to leave. Some days its predictable but about the time it seems to be slowing down or coming to a halt, I get slammed again.
       To explain this further, my options mentioned by long-time Gyneo to control this were:
          a. D&C with endometrial ablation
          b. Birth control, nope not at 50!
          c. Hysterectomy, not really what I want to do

 I chose the first option on December 28th, 2016. It did not work for me. Well, I guess I should say had I not had the ablation, I probably would be dead by now. While it slowed the bleeding considerably, here has not been a day since November 8th, 2016 that I have not bled. It is now July 12, 2017. To sum that up further, that is 8 month and 4 days of bleeding. Fun stuff. I understand my mom had the same type of issue at 49, according to my step-father. She is not here to ask as she passed away from a heart attack the same year.

2. #1 which lead to Anemia  

3. Terrible and I can't stress terrible enough, all over the body muscle cramping. This is my #2 complaint. I also have EDS which is probably not helping this situation. Several times my neck and shoulders have gripped so badly that they don't release for weeks and last time it was right at 30 days before any relief.

4. Loss of libido

5. Occasional dizziness and loss of balance. A little scary when it comes out of nowhere and for no apparent reason.

6. Numbness and tingling in arms, hands, lower legs and feet. This happens sporadically and is a signal to me that I am becoming anemic again and need to get back on the iron supplements for a while.

7. Increase in blood pressure

8. Occasional heart palpitations but I also have HCM so that is probably not helping me in this area.

9. Worsening allergies. I had surgery in July 2016 for allergic fungal sinusitis. You can read about that here: AFS

10. More frequent headaches

What I have not experienced yet are some of the more traditional perimenopausal symptoms:

1. Hot flashes

2. Night sweats

I'll keep updating this as I can remember other symptoms or as new ones arise. Hang in there ladies, it must get better right????????????

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Weekend Pallet Project - Vertical Pot Planter

I used some left over turquoise blue outdoor spray paint to lightly spray the front surface of the pallet.

The pots are just standard plastic pots that some other plants came in.

I used metal strapping from a load of shop trusses to attach the pots to the pallet. If the metal strapping is too wide, you can use wire cutters to cut the strapping length-wise. Run the strapping through the bottom drain hole and attach to pallet boards.

After planting, many herbs such as Italian parsley, German Thyme, Lavender, Spearmint, Peppermint. Also some multi-color Purslane:

From Drab to Fab - Plastic Window Box Makeover

My old plastic window box planter needs some TLC. I had cilantro growing here but noe the cilantro has gravitated into my general front planting beds, so I decided to re-purpose it.

I dumped out the old potting soil, scrubbed the inside and outside with a SOS pad, let it dry and painted with outdoor plastic paint.

Once dry, I positioned the planter onto a pallet using cut two by fours slid in between the pallet slats.

Cucumbers are sprouting and will climb up the pallet for support!!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

New Man Cave Construction Project - Doing it Ourselves

Hubby and I are weekend DIY'ers. We choose to DIY on everything we can to save money. Hubby has the talent, plus he needs something to do. Here are our first efforts at our new man cave.

We finally settled on a 40 x 40 slab. The Cave will be 30 ft across and 40 ft deep.  Cave runs East/West. There will be a 10 ft overhang on the north side.

For informational purposes, the total cost of  the concrete in Oklahoma for this project was $12,600.00. This includes the 40 x 40 slab and 920 sf of flat work which is the approach that was poured connecting our driveway to the man cave slab.

First section of back wall - East side of cave

Full wall complete

Making some progress

One window, east wall

Got two more windows and a door In - Hubby praying for a break

An example of how the 2 x 4's are attached to the concrete.
Notice we have plumbing as well!
Up With the Trusses and Braced. It took 5 good men on a
Memorial Day about 4 hours to complete adding the trusses.

Makings of a bathroom

Latest Completion June 11, 2017, OSB going up!

Weekend of 06/17/2017, got the top ends enclosed. Next week will work on decking the roof: