Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Touching Up Metal Yard Art

When I go to Hobby Lobby and I actually find something I want enough to put in my cart, I want to plan to keep it awhile. Inevitably though, the piece starts to look terrible after a few seasons.

I bought this little Autumn themed girl holding a pumpkin and thought it was cute. I really like it and I wanted to put it back out this Fall.

Here is what it was looking like before I gave it a touch up with an enamel paint kit from Hobby Lobby.

And here is what it looks like after. I’m no artist but I’m at least not ashamed of it now.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Homemade Dog Bed From Old Bedding- When you Don't Feel Like Paying Petco $80.00

I needed to repurpose two king size pillows and their matching sheet set when it was time to get new sheets. I placed the two pillows side by side over the flat sheet that I had folded in half long-ways. I then carefully rolled up the pillows with the flat sheet keeping them side by side. I then placed the fitted sheet over the pillow and flat sheets then rolled and tucked the fitted sheet in. I used a few safety pins to hold it all in place.

That cow dog loves it!

Callie Mae.

Do You Think I Have a Chive Issue??

I've had these chives for about 12 years, they've always been in the same two pots.

When we moved out here, I put the two plants in my woodland garden.

Now they've gone rouge!

Here are the two pots that have been their home for so long.

But look, they're going crazy! I need to pot all these puppies and sell them!

As Summer in Oklahoma Comes to an End!

I may FINALLY get my hands on some juicy Fall tomatoes. This plant was a volunteer from my compost pile last year. It came back out this Spring but never produced so I cut it back in Summer.

To my surprise as I was going out to pull the monster plant up, I found these. I believe them to be heirlooms. I hope there is enough time before the first frost to harvest them!

Here is one of the last harvests from my one grape tomato plant. This sucker was covered with these little guys. I am not good at growing tomatoes at all! None of the other plants produced except the one heirloom plant noted above and this one.

We can always tell when Fall is near because the grasses start to grow their tassels.

And the American Beautyberries show their colors.