Monday, October 23, 2017

Southwest Design - Painted Cow Skulls

I thought I would share these. Before we decided to rent our childhood home out, we were cleaning out the garage out back and I found these. They were painted by my mother back in the 1990's. She was an artist who loved to paint.

This was her motto and a saying she had hanging in her kitchen:

I digress.

On to the cow skulls. These skulls were covered in dust and filth from just having been hung up in the shop. I took them down and carefully washed them in the sink. I let them dry and sprayed a little clear top coat on each one to help preserve her painting.

She was big into Southwest decor in the 90's before she passed away. Everything in our house was the trend at the time!

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

A photo I was lucky enough to capture when my Coneflower started to bloom this past Spring.

Beautiful Imperial Moth caterpillar captured this past weekend. You'll want to full screen this one. This is the strangest thing I have seen. I can't tell which end is the face and which is the butt!

Potato Vine, always a good indication of that Fall is just around the corner.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

How to Hang a Cowhide Rug

I used a large dowel which I stained beforehand. The dowel is held in place by two double horseshoe hangers. Topped off with the hubby's previous successful deer kills.

If you don't want the back of the hide to show, I previously used small binder clips to fold and tuck the  back part of the hide behind the front part of the hide. I decided to let it all hang out this time.

I think it needs some color somehow, somewhere!

Stacked Stone Mantel Decorated for Fall

Must not forget the Jesse James whiskey bottle decor!