Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Saturday Before Vacation Project - New Dry Creek Bed April 29th,2017

When we moved into our house, there was a deep ditch or creek at the back of the property on the east side that wrapped around all the way to the south side of our property. We were told several things by several people. That this was a creek that had dried up, that it was made by kids riding their dirt bikes and that it was a hollowed out ditch so that people could burn their trash. I suspect all the above. As we have cleaned the property and dug into the earth, here are some interesting finds that now rest upon hubby's shelf in our study. Notice the old Coke bottle in the back? I suspect the blue jars may be Vick's Vapor Rub??

As of today, this is what that ditch became. Now to add more plantings and then it will be complete.

The concrete that will later become our shop in the second photo, now covers the other half of the creek.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Lettuce From Last Year in a Miracle Gro Soil Bag????

This is what my bag of Miracle Gro lettuce looks like this year. I found this idea on Pinterest, Miracle Gro Bag of Lettuce , some time ago. The difference in mine was that I used an old wheelbarrow to hold the bag so I could roll it in and out of the garage until it got established. I also used Mesclun seed instead of lettuce seed.

Funny thing is, I didn't sow new seeds. I ate the lettuce I had last year, it regrew, then I let it grow tall and go to seed. I left it out in the elements all fall and winter long (bad me) and it has rewarded me this Spring. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

New Three Tiered Garden Bed - 6' x 3'

Hubby built me this on Saturday. It matches the compost bin he made for me last year. I love it!

The mixture that was placed into it is a lot of organic compost, garden soil, peat moss, and peat hummus. All this first tilled into the sandy spot I chose (our base soil is sand because we live near the lake) in the back yard. Then the raised bed was placed on top. I like this version of a raised bed because the top tiers can be removed if needed. I also need this version to help keep 2 dogs out!

I planted several tomato plant and pepper plants. Hubby bought hot banana pepper plants from Lowe's and I grew the tomatoes and some of the other pepper plants from seed.

The construction:

Almost time to plant:

Peppers and tomatoes, I hope they like it here:

Matching compost bin, from here Compost Bin:

Sunday, February 26, 2017

It's February Still, but the Plants Here in Southeastern Oklahoma Thinks It's Spring!

The Cilantro is bolting already!

The Pampas grass after cutting down with hedge trimmers.

Stevia plant emerging

We bought a Stihl blower /leaf vacuum / mulcher combo tool so that we could use the many leaves for bedding mulch this year instead of burning the leaves or buying bags and bags of mulch from garden supply stores.

The rose bushes are growing leaves

These are Canna's emerging beneath the leaf mulch.

Oh and here a Pink Hydrangea is emerging from the bottom.

This is a May Night Salvia we brought from our old house when we moved.

Even the Garden Mums want to make an appearance.

The Purple Queen Wandering Jew plant arriving.

I really hope the Anouk Lavender lived through the winter. It really looks a little iffy right now. I'm going to give it a month or two to see.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Vintage Iron Display - Decor for the Top of my Washer/Dryer

I couldn't decide what to do with these old irons that belonged to my mom, so I decided to display them on top of my dryer next to my homemade laundry powder. To keep these from scratching the metal on my dryer, I laid each one on top of black mesh shelf liner and cut around them.  Aren't they cute??