Sunday, July 24, 2016

Winning the Battle of the Spurge - Keeping a Lawn Beautiful

Every summer like clockwork I start the battle of the spurge. I'm highly against poisoning weeds but I do ask the hubby to poison once in spring, long after the first application of preemergence. This is because we also get spurweed in late spring which is extremely painful to pull by hand and there is so much of it. Your local privately owned lawn and garden center should be able to direct you to the correct weed killer for your area. Be sure you tell them specifically what you are battling. You can also bag samples to take with you as showing is better than describing. Make sure whatever they suggest is not going to kill your grass!

It seems though even after the preemergence and weed killer, we still get spurge and carpetweed.  I find it everywhere. I don't want to harm the butterflies, bees and birds so I've decided to hand pull the spurge. If you don't wear gloves, spurge will stain the sides of your fingers. It is also poisonous so be sure to wash your hands carefully if you opt out of wearing gloves.

Here is a photo I took of spurge. It seems to have one large root and expands from there and grows outward in a circle.

I'm sure God created spurge for a reason. I just don't want it in my lawn!

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