Thursday, August 11, 2016

Growing Cantaloupe from Seed a Neighbor Provided

These little cantaloupes are just now starting to produce here in Oklahoma. It is extremely hot here right now, I hope the fruit makes it! The seeds came from a neighbor who especially enjoyed the taste of the parent fruit. The seeds were dried out on a paper towel and placed in an envelope for a year. They were then taken to our master gardener friend down the road. Master gardener sprouted the seeds in her greenhouse and the plants were then distributed to some neighbors. I was lucky enough to receive 4 plants.

Just making sure as I find fruit that I place a little mulch under each one to keep the fruit from rotting or burning up in the soil.

The largest fruit on the vine so far

This is two of the vines

A smaller fruit on same vine

The smallest fruit that I found

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