Saturday, February 28, 2015

Goat Milk Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Cold Process Soap Recipe

The recipe:

Goat Milk - 12.2 oz
1 oz whole fresh aloe leaf - pureed
Lye 5.40 oz

Always add the lye to the water, not the water to the lye!

Olive Oil Pomace - 12 oz
Coconut Oil - 8 oz
Shea Butter - Unrefined 12 oz
Palm Oil - 8 oz

Various soap chucks from previous batches.

After stick blending the oil, aloe and lye water mixture and at light trace mix in:

Grapefruit Essential Oil - .80 oz
Peppermint Essential Oil - .40 oz
Green Liquid Pigment - to your satisfaction (it doesn't take much)
.50 oz whole fresh aloe leaf pureed

At trace pour into soap mold. Layer in the soap chunks.

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