Sunday, January 25, 2015

Peppermint Swirls Cold Process Soap Recipe

The recipe:

Follow basic cold process soap making instructions.

Distilled Water - 12.00 oz
Lye 4.90 oz

Olive Oil Pomace - 10.80 oz
Coconut Oil - 9.0 oz
Shea Butter - Refined 5.40 oz
Rice Bran Oil - 5.40 oz
Sunflower Oil - 5.40 oz

After stick blending the oil and lye water mixture and at light trace mix in:

Peppermint Essential Oil - 1.20 oz

Pour a small amount into a separate plastic container and mix with red liquid soap color mixing to your color satisfaction.

To the remainder of the oils add 1 TBS titanium dioxide that has been diluted with a small amount of distilled water.

I layered the 2 mixtures swirling each layer until mold is filled..

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