Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Step 1 in Making Lye Soap - Preparation

My first step was to build my own soap molds and a soap cutter. (Well actually, I asked my husband to do this step.) After about one hour we had three soap molds and a mitre box. Here is how they turned out.

I bought the lumber from Lowe's, We bought a 1/2 inch 2'x4' oak plywood sheet. This is not the cheapo plywood but the wood that looks like craft wood. It was about $15.00 and got all three molds out of it pictured. I was out of time that day but we could have made several more out of this sheet.We also bought a 1 inch thick 6" x 8' piece of lumber for the mitre box. We did not glue the corners together on the molds. We used a nail gun with small nails.I think I'm going to make lids for these as well later.

 I got the instructions for both the molds and the mitre box from:



I am selling 2 of the six molds I made from this batch.

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