Sunday, November 23, 2008

Now, How to Store Those Leaves to Use Later

Leaves are by far the best soil additive we can use. Leaves add bulk and nutrients to our soil. In addition, beneficial earth worms love shredded leaves. This article will outline some ways to store leaves for future use in your garden. God gave us these leaves to use, lets use them wisely.

One way to store leaves is to rake all your leaves into your garden or flower beds. Proceed to wet all the leaves down to prevent them from blowing away easily. Remember to keep the leaves wet until you plan to use them. You can place mesh fencing around your garden to prevent flyaways.

Another way to store leaves is to place the leaves in biodegradable leaf bags. You can either: (1) choose to leave these bags full of leaves out in the weather so that you will have a composted mixture to use in your garden or (2) you may fill the bags and store in a dry area. These bags will also decompose into leaf compost over time if left out in the elements.
Create a compost bin with heavy wire mesh in a corner of your yard. Dump leaves into the bin and keep wet. Over time, a super rich soil additive will be created by natural decompostion processes. This is called leaf mold. Leaf mold is the best natural fertilizer you can find, by far.
You may also create a compost bin using large plastic barrels. Be sure to wet the leaves down every so often. Purchase or rent a leaf shredder and shred the leaves into fine pieces and store in garbage bags. Place in a dry area. Shredding the leaves will greatly reduce the volume so that you can store more leaves with less bags.
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